The story behind Kayako

Inspired by the selflessness and courage of Filipino women worldwide, Kayako was born to empower and recognize their ultimate sacrifice. Meeting countless Filipinas abroad and hearing their stories of sacrifice, passion to care for their families, and resilience to keep going brought us to realize that Filipinas are the real heroes of modern times. Kayako, as a community, is the first venture to honoring the strong Filipinas who fight every day to give the best lives they can for others.
Kayako comes from the Filipino "Kaya ko" which translates to "I can do it." Inspired by the courage and sacrifice of modern-day Filipinas, our goal is to empower the women who will move mountains for reasons other than themselves. The selflessness of Filipinas, especially expats, not only embody what it is to have true strength but also to make the ultimate sacrifice for their loved ones.


The Kayako Mission

Our mission is to empower the unsung heroes not only of Philippine history but also of modern-day Filipinas. At Kayako, we believe that not all heroes wear capes, that the real heroes of today are those who live the buhayani calling. As a brand, our watch designs go beyond functionality and purpose but rather a strong empowering symbol of what Filipinas do – the ultimate sacrifice for their love for those closest to them. A step beyond that, we want women to feel empowered and reminded of their greatness simply by wearing our limited edition watch.

The Kayako Vision

Our vision is to help and see Filipinas everywhere be empowered and honored for their ultimate sacrifice and create the life that they work so hard to achieve.