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Gabriela Silang Women Empowerment Luxury Watch for Her Filipino History Inspired Watch Gabriela Silang Black with Genuine Leather Brown StrapGabriela Silang Women Empowerment Luxury Watch for Her Filipino History Inspired Watch Gabriela Silang Black with Genuine Leather Brown Strap

Filipino heritage

Empowering Filipinos through stories & history


Inspired by the selflessness and courage of Filipinos worldwide, Kayako was born to empower and recognize their ultimate sacrifice. Meeting countless Filipinos abroad and hearing their stories of sacrifice, passion to care for their families, and resilience to keep going brought us to realize that Filipinos are the real heroes of modern times.

Limited Edition, One out of 1,731
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Filipino heritage
Empowering Filipino through stories


Kayako comes from the Filipino "Kaya ko" which translates to "I can do it." Inspired by the courage and sacrifice of modern-day Filipinos, our goal is to empower the women who will move mountains for reasons other than themselves. The selflessness of Filipinos, especially expats, not only embody what it is to have true strength but also to make the ultimate sacrifice for their loved ones.



Legit! One of the best watches I have ever seen. Amazing designs for
casual and formal events. I highly recommend KAYAKO watches!

Dino Alvin
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An amazing watch! Very happy customer here. Love the Filipino elements in it especially the little sun underneath the dials. Highly recommend!!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What I really like about this watch is the uniqueness of the design
which symbolizes the strength and the empowerment of a Filipino woman, and in terms of materials used it is very light. And indeed it is very unique product. Thank you and all the best!

Evelyn Seale
Manila, Philippines

I got my Kayako-Gabriela Silang watch as a birthday gift, and it became my favorite accessory. So much so that I wear it anywhere and everywhere. I like the size of the watch. It fits well on my wrist and I am most impressed with the smallest details they put into it. Like the engraved bolo or "itak", the color blue on the crown. The image of Gabriela on the case back and the sun that moves and serves as the second hand to the watch. These details makes Kayako's watches uniquely for Filipinos.

Maria Gina
Davao City, Philippines

Being a Pinay OFW, wearing Kayako Gabriela Silang Watch, feels like i carry the flag of my country inside my heart, an empowered women. Whenever im wearing my Kayako collection, it gives me so much joy and honor. The design are amazing, handcrafted perfectly, Sufficiently precise engraved. What else can i ask for, the simplicity yet modern style of watch, that carry a history of being women of courage.

You should have one!

Fevie Laurilla
Dubai, United Arab Emirates